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New Orders and Order Status

PocketStrings is distributed exclusively by Alfred Music Publishing. To order a PocketStrings online. To review your options of retailers where you can purchase a PocketStrings.

If you are inquiring about the status of your current order, please refer to the retailer where you placed your order or the confirmation or shipping email they provided to you when you placed your order. You can see a list of retailers that offer PocketStrings.

Distributor Inquiries

PocketStrings is distributed exclusively by Alfred Music Publishing. For information regarding distribution, please contact Alfred directly.

Vincent Santos
Distributed Brands Supply Chain Manager
Phone: (818) 891-5999 Extension 291

Product Feedback

If you have feedback on how to make PocketStrings better please feel free to contact us directly at

Company Contact

PocketStrings is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. To contact us, please email us at If you would prefer, you can leave us a message at 1-877-747-7027. We don't have any live agents to take your call, but we typically return voicemails within 2 business days. For the fastest response, please send a detailed message to Emails are typically answered within 2 business days.

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