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This is the ultimate "Go anywhere, Play everywhere" guitar practice tool. Its innovative design makes it extremely portable.

PocketStrings™ allows you to practice and improve your guitar skills in guitar-unfriendly spots such as: cars, airplanes, the office, school, dinner table, and virtually any other place your pocket will fit, but your guitar won't.

Built for guitarists of all skill sets, from rookies to rock stars, PocketStrings™ has a 4 fret model built for practicing chords and a 6 fret model made for both chords and scales.

Sleek Design
PocketStrings™ is durable and engineered to last. It comes with real strings to help build finger strength and calluses while practicing your favorite guitar jams.

About The Team

PocketStrings™ is a company of passionate musicians focused on creating innovative ways to practice their instruments while on the go. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, PocketStrings™ leans on the expertise of an eclectic group of entrepreneurs with skills in product development, martial arts, marketing, intellectual property law, IT wizardry, fly fishing and college classes.

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